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What is Domain Name?

The domain name is your website address ( eg., which is also used for corporate e-mails, such as, etc.

What kind of domain can be registered?
What characters can be used when choosing a domain?

(I) The domain name may contain numbers (0-9), hyphens, upper case letter and / or it’s combination;
(II)  Domain names are not case-sensitive, uppercase and lowercase letters have no difference;
(III) The domain name can not start or end with a hyphen;
(IV) The minimum number of characters of the domain name is 2, and the maximum - 63.

What is the price of the domain?

(I) A domain .ge for 1 year costs 30 GEL;
(II) Domains,,,,  and for 1 year cost 12 GEL;
(III) Two character domain name for a year costs 900 GEL;

What amendment are made in the payment rules?

After the 16th of April, 2018 it is possible to book a domain in advance. After choosing a name and paying for it you can get the domain.  

How do I transfer a domain to

(I) Sign up for or login  if you are already registered;
(II) Get a transfer code on your profile page at your current register;
(III) Enter the domain name and a transfer code on the same page;
(IV) Click the domain and it will transferred to

Buy a domain
How to buy a domain?

(I) Enter your desired domain name in the search box;
(II) The system will offer you all available domain variants;
(III) Select the domain(s) and add it to the shopping cart;
(IV) Sign up or login if you have already registered;
(V) Pay for the domain in any convenient way;
(VI) If you have successfully passed all the steps,  you are now the owner

What is DNS?

The DNS management system allows you to manage your domain name and all the mail settings.
When visitors are viewing your domain in a search engine, DNS configuration  determine which companies have visited your domain.

How to sell a domain name?

With our platform, where a large number of domain names are searched daily, you can sell domains you own. To place a domain in the market, go to the "Sell a domain" button in the domain details in you profile and specify the conditions after which the domain will be available to everyone.

How much does it cost to place a domain in the market?

Placing a domain in the Market is free and can be done until the expiration date. However, If the domain is sold, the market service fee is 10% of the domain value (amount sold).

What is the process of selling a domain?

(I) When you sell a domain, the buyer pays an amount of a domain to company, after which we will transfer the amount to the domain owner within 3 business days

(II) After the buyer's settlement, the domain will be transferred to the new owner by the namespace company, only then will the old domain be settled

(III) During the transfer, only the old domain owner's data will be replaced with the new owner's data

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